We have collated some of the most Frequently Asked Questions form our customers and listed them in order to offer an insight into our working ethos.

Does Marketing really work for small businesses?

Yes. The need to generate more business is of paramount importance and there are many ways to achieve this. Personal contacts and recommendations are all primary sources when gaining prospective clients but a concise marketing campaign that’s put in place for you not only gives you and your company maximum exposure but also allows you to do what you do best – run your business.

What’s the most cost effective form of marketing a start up business?

Firstly getting a website up and running as over 70% of searches for services are no made on-line. Our website package of 5 pages designed, written and built for just £35.00 per month is a great start as are flyers. Post card sized card leaflets can not only advertise your business and it’s services but can also encourage potential customer to visit your website

What’s the best strategy for marketing my business – Cost or Quality?

It all depends on what you are selling. Our experience enables us to advise on the best strategies based on your products or services. A message that says Cost effective or value for money can sometimes be better than Buy one get one free but then again, if your product is much cheaper than the opposition then play to your strengths.

What types of companies have you worked with?

We have helped and worked for a wide range of customers from across every business sector including  –

  • Retail outlets, shops and showrooms
  • Restaurants, pubs and eateries
  • Builders, developers and allied trades
  • Production and manufacturing companies
  • Sports, leisure and recreation
  • Schools and education
  • Travel and entertainment

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the process of getting a website as high as possible on the Google ratings and the ways this can be achieved are many and varied. From buying Ad words, composing text which contains key word and phrases as well as links to other sites and social media are all common ways of doing this but unfortunately there are no guarantees and it is not an exact science. Read more about our SEO services by visiting our sister company – web design in Horsham