Marketing tips for the start up business

If you have recently started your own business or plan to do so in the New Year there are a few proven ways of getting the most from your marketing budget. By following these simple steps you can maximise your businesses exposure to new and prospective clients as well as tell them about what you do.

Play to your strengths. Any marketing you undertake should be designed to show off your best selling points such as cost, quality or service.  If you have a product that offers unbeatable value then tell people about it, offer deals and promotions and stress the savings customers can make. Likewise, if your company provides a high quality, bespoke product or service stress this rather than costs.

Driving customers to your business. The three most cost effective ways of marketing any new business are through promotional print, on-line and advertising. Print and advertising will tell people you exist and are a great way of promoting your company’s products and service while a website allows people to find you by searching on-line.

Keep it simple. Remember, although you know your business inside out a lot of your customers won’t so keep your messages simple and to the point. Confusing text that’s full of technical information is off putting whereas informative and engaging words will hold the attention for longer. Employ this strategy in all your marketing literature such as flyers and leaflets, website and advertisements and you will guarantee to promote you business to a broader range of potential customers.

If you are interested in finding out more about maximising your marketing potential contact us today. We would love to hear from you and will be happy explain how Marketing in Horsham can help you promote your business.