Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the process of getting a website higher on the Google listing and there are two main ways of achieving this the first of which is by paying to be there. Ad words and pay per click are methods companies use to get on the top of the listing and many pay hundreds (sometimes thousands) of pounds every month to achieve this.

The other way though is to make the most of your sites content which will naturally gravitate it higher in the listings. Text that’s written to include key words and phrases, links within the site videos and social media can all make a huge impact on it’s rating as can increased traffic ( Visits to your site ).  Another key factor is the meta data which is the text that describes your site and will be key to what people search for.

Each of our packages include site content that maximises your sites SEO potential and we will write text that not only reflects your business and it’s service but also uses key words and phrases to attract visits to your site when certain searches are made. However, there are no guarantees when it comes to where your site will appear. Trades that are heavily populated have pages of businesses all vying for top spot where very specialist trades can jump to top spot easily due to lack of competition.

Either way, our aim is to supply websites that are great value for money and have the potential to serve our customers for years to come. Why not visit our sister company to find out more about web design in Horsham